Snoring is Not Just a Comedic Punchline It Produces Sleep Apnea Insomnia and Marital Discord
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Snoring is Not Just a Comedic Punchline It Produces Sleep Apnea Insomnia and Marital Discord

Snoring is not just a funny comedy routine. It can be a serious health problem for both the one snoring and the sleeping partner. There are simple and more involved solutions. But something should be done to alleviate the problem for both people involved.

Snoring is a fact we all live with in some fashion. Either we are the culprit or more commonly our spouse. But it can also occur in children, which is actually quite a health problem that needs attention. Sometimes snoring is a laughing matter, a topic for comedy, but in reality it is actually a health problem and it can cause significant problems between couples. So let's explore the phenomena of snoring and find some solutions.

What causes snoring? Snoring is defined as a noise caused by vibration from the airways of the respiratory tract that only occurs during sleep. This occurs because the muscles associated with respiration are relaxed during sleep. This coupled with the tissue being soft and pliable they are able to vibrate. When the tissues and muscles relax they expand which causes a narrow air passage which increases vibration. The loudness is affected by the force of the air pushing through the passages. The deeper into sleep the person is, the slower and deeper the respiration and more forceful the air is pushed through the passages causing a very disturbing loud vibrating snore.

Older children really should not snore. Research shows that children that snore could have a serious sleep disorder called sleep apnea. This actually puts them at higher risk for behavior and learning problems. So be sure to have your snoring child tested for sleep apnea.

Jokingly we say the partner is the one that suffers when the partner is the one snoring. And that is indeed true, but the person snoring is also not resting. The problem of snoring is seriously causing insomnia in both people. The person snoring is not sleeping well due to the fear of not taking that next breath. And of course the non snoring partner is simply being kept awake by the snore. So both people are at danger of resultant health problems related to insomnia.

There are many factors that may be contributing to snoring:


cold and flu

excessive intake of alcohol


excessive use of nasal sprays



thyroid goiter

Some Simple Combatants against snoring:

Breathing exercises and proper throat and jaw positioning.

Decongestants to clear the nose and allow a person to stop mouth breathing

Some allergy medications can decrease the size of adenoids

losing weight

using too many pillows when you sleep (different from elevating the head of the bed) try using only one pillow and sleep on your side.

Stop smoking or at least cut down

Drink alcohol only moderately

There is also a more radical solution which is surgery. Laser Assisted Uvula palatoplasty (LAUP) can be done, Which is the removal of the uvula, and usually adenoids, which removes some of the vibrating tissue in the throat.

So the bottom line is that snoring is a difficult health problem. Difficult for couples and individuals. And it can certainly lead to more serious health problems. Although there are some simple solutions, if they do not work, you really should seek professional help.

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Comments (9)

I hate snoring (even in movies and on TV) so I'll have to pass on the YouTube video. I'm a non-snorer.

This is an eye opener! Keep writing, you are helping a lot of people! Oscar Wilde said "Anybody can make history. Only a great man can write it" -- Shastri

William it is good that you passed on the video it is actually really gross. lol. Thank you Shastri for you wonderful compliment. I appreciate that.

Great article, Susan. Snoring is terrible to sleep by! Excellent info on snoring.

Thanks Heather!

My husband sleeps on the couch a lot because his snoring is horrible! I had heard that sleep apnea could be to blame, but I did not know about the other conditions.

great article, my partner snores so loud that I cannot sleep

I used to snore before but dieting worked.

Effective tips, insights and information about snoring, Susan.