Pregnancy - Symptoms That You Should Call Your Doctor About
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Pregnancy - Symptoms That You Should Call Your Doctor About

When to call your doctor when you are pregnant. Symptoms you should be aware of and get medical attention for when you are pregnant.

When your are pregnant a little nausea, tiredness, and aches and pains are pretty much normal but there are things that you should be aware of that could be dangerous for you or your baby or both of you and should you experience any of these things you should call your doctor immediately. 


If you are spotting a bit it doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong, however, it is not something you should ignore if you are bleeding at all you should call your doctor right away.  If you are bleeding heavily you should either call your doctor and tell them you are coming in right away or go to the emergency room. 

If you discover some spotting while going to the bathroom you should take note of the color of the blood is it bright red or is it more of a brownish red?  You should tell your doctor what color the blood is. 

You should also inform your doctor of what you were doing before the bleeding and earlier that day.  Did you fall down?  Were you doing something strenuous? Did you have intercourse?

Your doctor will also want to know if you are having any cramping or other pain. 

Do stay calm. Remember if the bleeding is not heavy it may not be serious. 

Abdominal Pain

Some pain and discomfort in the abdominal area can be pretty normal however you should still give your doctor a call and let him or her know what is going on.  Your doctor will then ask you some questions to determine weather they think it is serious enough for you to come in to see them.  Again do not panic your doctor may just want to check you just in case. It does not mean that something is automatically wrong.

Extreme Vomiting

For some women morning sickness is an all day thing but if you are experiencing vomiting that will not seem to let up call your doctor.  Even if it is just morning sickness if you are doing it too often you may need medical attention just to get yoursef hydrated.  Try not to let it get to that point however, but keep your doctor updated. If you find you are dry heaving this could indicate that you are seriously dehydrated call your doctor right away. 

Painful Urination

Bladder infections are common in pregnancy.  They are very uncomfortabe.  If it is burning when you urinate or it feels like you have to go really bad but barey anything comes out you very likel have a bladder infection.  Go see your doctor right away.  It can be treated and you will feel better in no time.  Don't try and treat it yourself you will just cause yourself more pain and agony and you won't cure it.  If it occurs on the weekend or a holiday when your regular doctor is not in the office go to immediate care, it is not necessary to be in pain. 

Chills and Fever

You could be the victim of fhe flu.  Don't be afraid to go to the doctor.  They have meds that can treat you that are not harmful to the baby at all.  I found this out with my last pregnancy, I suffered with the flu for 2 weeks because I thought they couldn't give me anything for it that would be safe for the baby.  I finally gave in and went to the doctor, he gave me some safe medicine and I felt better within a couple of days. If your fever is less than 101 and your symtoms are typica flu symptoms and not accompanied by any pain in your ower body you can treat it with fluids and Tylenol as long as your doctor thinks that is OK. However if your symptoms do not decrease after 48 hours you should go in and see your doctor.

Chills and Fever could also be a symptom of a kidney infection as well so don't hesitate to call your doctor and let him or her know that you have a fever and the chills as this can be very serious.  If your temperature is over 101 degrees call your doctor rigt away.  If you are having pain in your stomach area or burning urination that is accompanying the chills and fever get medical attention right away. 


While some swelling in your feet may be normal but if it is extreme you should call our doctor right away. You should get checked  right away if you notice that your face  or fingers are swollen.  A swollen face or fingers could be a symptom of Preeclampsia which can be very serious if not treated right away. 

Severe or Peristent Headache

A normal headache is not likely something to worry about, however if the headache is peristant or severe this could also be a symptom of preecampsia. Call your doctor right away. 


Although the baby is safey ensconsed inside your belly if you sustain and injury that affects your abdominal area or if you on your rear end it is a good thing to get checked out.  It is very likely that your baby is just fine, but it is better safe than sorry so just go and get checked out as a precaution. 

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