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Harmful Effects of Sleeping Late and Its Remedies

Sleeping late can be very harmful to you but people do not realize. It can be a cause for heart diseases and stroke.

We all know that when we sleep late we feel drowsy the next day and we get up late in the morning but is that all? No, sleeping late at night has got several other harmful effects which can be far more worse than feeling drowsy or getting up late the next morning.

Harmful Effects of Sleeping Late

Heart Diseases and Stroke

Sleeping less than six hours a night leads to 48% more chance of developing or dying from heart disease. There is also a 15% more chance of developing or dying from a stroke.

Production of harmful Hormones and Chemicals

When you sleep late at night, you will not be able to sleep early the next night and this will create sleeping disorders in your routine. Sleeping disorders produce hormones and chemicals in the body that increase the risk of developing ailments.

Tiredness and Laziness

If you sleep late at night you will get up late in the morning and once you get up you will feel very tired and lazy. This will not allow your day to start well plus you will not be able to work efficiently.


Some people try to sleep early but they are not successful in doing so. There are several reasons why a person is not able to sleep early. One must remember; never force the mind to go to sleep. Sleep will come when it has to come but there are ways to bring sleep easily.

1) Before sleeping try to avoid things which stimulate you. Avoid exercising, watching TV or thinking about unpleasant experiences. All this things remove the sleepiness from your mind even if you are feeling sleepy.

2) Before sleeping or when you are on the bed try to cut down on noise levels as noise does not allow your body to settle and it will not allow you to sleep properly.

3) Sleeping at a fixed time each day is the best way to create a routine for your body. When you sleep each day at the same time your body will start to become adapted to the routine. Each day you will start feeling sleepy at the time when you sleep regularly.

4) If you are not able to sleep or if you are not feeling sleepy then the solution for this is to find your sleeping cue. Some people feel sleepy while reading while others feel sleepy when listening to music. Try to do things which make you feel sleepy.


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