Five Ways You May Accidentally Encourage the Development of Insomnia
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Five Ways You May Accidentally Encourage the Development of Insomnia

There are many things which can result in sleepless nights. Knowing about them can help you avoid developing insomnia and get a good nights sleep.

There are at least fives ways you may inadvertently encourage the development of insomnia. Knowing what they are can help you avoid doing so. This is sensible as severe sleep deprivation can result in stress, exhaustion, depression and hallucinations.


Most people know that caffeine, which can be found in coffee, tea and coco cola, gives them a buzz if they’re feeling tired. But not everyone applies this knowledge the other way around by understanding that if they have caffeine close to bedtime it’s liable to keep them up most of the night.

Some people are more affected by caffeine than others, and can’t drink coffee after lunchtime if they don’t want sleepless nights, while others can drink more coffee and still get to sleep. If you suffer from insomnia and regularly consume caffeine, experiment by cutting down on your intake, as this could be the answer to the problem.


Stress can seem worse in the darkness of the night as you lay in bad and mull over worries. They seem enlarged compared to how you view them in the day. This is why thinking over problems just before you turn out the light is not only unproductive, but it can be detrimental to your health.


Getting over excited can make you unable to sleep. If your mind is buzzing with happy thoughts or surging with expectation about a forthcoming event you may find you toss and turn in bed and can’t relax. Engaging in a calming activity, such as meditation or reading will help you sleep.

Mental stimulation

Mental stimulation can come from playing video games, watching fast paced movies or working late into the night. It’s best to leave these occupations until the next day, and to gently wind down as the evening approaches.

Eating sugary food

It may be tempting to tuck into a candy bar or cake while you watch television before you turn in, however the sugar rush you experience after doing so could make you feel wide awake rather than sleepy. Having a hot milky drink is a better choice than sugar laden food at night.

There are many things which can keep you awake when you really would prefer to be sleeping. The issues mentioned are within your control. You may not be able to get rid of stress or excitement completely before bedtime, but you can gently close down activity in your mind and prepare for sleep. At the same time you can avoid overloading your mind and stimulating it, and stop consuming sugary food and caffeine.

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As for me, I developed insomnia due to mental stress and excitement..

Nice Bridget. Voted. Hope to avail your friendly guidance..