Five Good Habits That Give You Good Sleep
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Five Good Habits That Give You Good Sleep

Millions of people in the world suffer from insomnia or sleeplessness. Although, taking sleeping pills is the usual method to follow to induce sleep, five simple practices can give you deep sleep and eliminate stress. These practices are simple to follow and can be practiced by anyone. All these tips have just to be kept in mind and followed to have blissful effects of deep sleep.

Good sleep is vital for your health. Although  you claim that you sleep well every day, it might not be deep sleep or better sleep. Let’s see what are the the differences between sleep and better sleep.

  • Good sleep comes when you sleep for an unbroken period of six hours. In case, you wake up after each two hours of sleep, it cannot be termed as good sleep.
  • Secondly, while sleeping, if  nightmares keep appearing, it is not sound or good sleep. It is simply because due to the presence of  traumas in your mind, your sleep is disordered by the horrors of the nightmares.
  • An adult needs six to seven hours of  deep sleep. When you sleep more than that, it is sure that you suffer from a serious eating disorder and lack of physical stamina. For this, you keep sleeping for extra hours. Oversleep keeps your body and mind dull and is a sure symptom of lethargy.
  • Your body and mind must be fresh after you wake up from your sleep. Unless the freshness is there and you continue to feel dull, weak and depressed, it is a sure symptom of  excess stress  in body and mind. Such a state can be really harmful for your health in the future.

There are five good habits that can ensure better sleep and well-being of body and mind.

  1. Avoid eating junk and spicy food- Make a habit of eating healthy food. Try to avoid eating  spicy and junk food that creates acidity and constipation.  Indigestion and acidity are the two main factors that do not allow you to sleep well. Toxins in the junk food create serious digestive ailments in the gullet and that creates sleep disturbances.
  2. Eat less in the dinner- You need to cut off excess of food in the dinner.  When you eat vegetarian meals, which are less likely to create gas and constipation while you sleep at night, your body gets free from the burning sensation in the stomach and makes the sleep deeper.
  3. Reduce the intake of  tea and coffee- Most of the people working in the offices drink cups of tea and coffee during the day. Tea is relatively a harmless stimulant but coffee is very harmful, when it is taken in excess quantity. Although both give stimulation to your body while you work, you tend to sleep less because such stimulants add to the acidic content in your stomach.
  4. Increase the intake of healthy fluids- When you supplement intake of mineral water with healthy drinks to your meals, it results in timely digestion and reduces gas and acidity in your stomach. Make a point to drink water at least half an hour after you eat your meals. Try to eat without tension and do not gulp the food down your throat. Chew the food thoroughly without making haste. When you drink water after half an hour of eating, the food inside your stomach is properly digested. Water also helps in your bowel. Drink at least 4 glasses of water as you wake up early in the morning. That makes your bowel smooth and controls blood pressure, giving good sleep.
  5. Keep breathing hard and perspiring as you do your daily workout-  Be it any exercise of your daily regimen, make it a point that you breathe hard and sweat profusely while you exercise rigorously. The purpose is to throw out all the carbon dioxide from your body through the nostrils and replace with good Oxygen. Pure Oxygen helps your body to sleep soundly.

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