How to Get a Good Night`s Sleep
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How to Get a Good Night`s Sleep

If you only sleep half of the time that you are in bed each night, your sleep efficiency is only fifty percent and this can perpetuate insomnia. Ideally your sleep efficiency should be ninety percent, and this goal can be achieved with some good sleep techniques.

If you find that you are losing sleep for a few days, or even a few weeks, don’t panic. There is probably some underlying cause and, once you deal with it, your sleep habits will return to normal. Insomnia is, after all, a symptom and not a disease.

 If your sleepless nights continue on for several months however, you may want to see your family doctor, or even go to a sleep disorder clinic. But for temporary bouts of sleeplessness, here are a few sleep inducing tips that should help you get the rest your body needs.

 Don’t worry if you don’t sleep a full eight hours. Everyone is made up different and not everyone requires eight hours of sleep. The amount of sleep that you actually need is the amount that allows you to awaken rested, alert and with the ability to go about your daily activities the next day without feeling run down and worn out.

 Don’t nap during the day. Napping during the day may seem like a good way to catch up on some much needed rest, but napping will wreak havoc on your body’s natural clock.

Avoid sleeping pills. Relaxation does not come in pill form, and prescription sleep aids should only be used in extreme cases. Over the counter sleep aids should be avoided completely because they can have many adverse side effects including, but limited to anxiety, restlessness and headache. These side effects are a result of the products being made up of the same compounds found in antihistamines in order to achieve their sleep inducing effects.

Make love before going to sleep....or avoid it. Sex is a relaxant for some, and a stimulant for others. Some drift right off to sleep after making love, while others become wide awake and are unable to sleep for long periods of time afterward. If sexual activity stimulates you, you may want to avoid it long enough to see if you sleep better without it.

Eat a light snack before bed. A snack that is high in complex carbohydrates such as cereal or 1/2 of a bagel should do the trick. Those on diets often find themselves unable to sleep properly at night because they go to bed hungry.

Use relaxation techniques. One good technique is to lay on your back in bed and clench, hold and then release your muscles starting with hands and feet and then the muscles all up and down your body. After all of your muscles have been stimulated and relaxed, breath deeply and try to imagine yourself becoming more and more relaxed or try to envision yourself at a very relaxing place, like a secluded beach. After practicing relaxation techniques like this for several weeks, you should be able to just tell your body to relax and it will just happen.If

sleep won`t come...stop trying. Lying awake for hours when you are unable to sleep is very frustrating and can make you even more restless. If sleep just will not come, get up for a half hour and do something relaxing. Read a book or listen to soft music, but avoid television or starting any task that keep you up for too long.

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Comments (1)

I'm an insomniac myself. One consistent thing I do that I find effective whenever I need to go to sleep badly is to soak up in a nice, warm bath with calming oils like chamomile or sandalwood. Having some nice aromatherapy candles and soothing music will help you get a good night's sleep too.